How to Setup USB HP Printer for Windows Operating System?

Released on: 18 Jun 2017

Please Note: The below given process for the USB Setup of HP printers is only for those, who are having Computers with Windows OS.

In order to get the most latest & updated features from a USB connected HP printer, you have to first install the fully featured HP Printer Software or Driver for your machine. For this, you can setup a USB cable connection between your HP printer and Windows computer. If you need any HP printer software or driver released in the year 2013 or later, you can simply call our HP Technical Support and ask for Driver & Software Download.

While preparing for HP Printer connection setup for the driver installation you have to first check the basic requirements of your system. Not only this, you have to also delete or uninstall the previously installed printer versions (if any) from Windows.

  1. Before you begin, please confirm or check the following requirements:
    • Printer should be ON and ready for the process
    • You should have a USB cable to connect your printer with your PC
    • There should be a vaccant or available port on your PC to connect with USB Cable
    • If the USB cable is connected to the PC before the installation of HP Printer driver, follow these steps. This will help you to remove printer from all of the devices, and will make you sure about the successful future installation. Otherwise, follow the next given step.

  2. Now, disconnect the USB cable of printer from your PC, and do not connect the cable again until it's asked for during the process of driver installation.

  3. Next, search Windows for your attached 'devices'. And when the result appear, then click on the control panel setting for Devices and Printers.

  4. Give a right-click on the icon of your printer model, and then select Remove device. If its displaying multiple printer icons, remove them all.

  5. All your printers are removed now. Close the window showing Devices and Printers, and then follow the second step given below.

First of all download and install the latest available HP Print Driver as per your printer model to complete the Setup for USB connection.

  1. Visit the website and enter your correct HP printer model. Now to download your print driver follow the onscreen given instructions. HP Easy Start (installation guide app) may download depending on the printer model that you had entered.
    • If HP Easy or HP Driver starts downloading, follow the next on-screen given steps by which you can open the downloaded file and can start the setup. Then it will ask for a connection type, choose USB. If the Setup remains successful, then their is no need to follow rest of the steps given below.
    • In second condition arises, if your HP printer is not listed on the website of or the download fails, continue with rest of the steps given below inorder to install a printer driver from the HP Customer Support.

  2. Visit HP Customer Support's - Driver and Software Downloads page, enter your correct HP printer model, if asked, and then confirm whether your computer operating system version is correct or not.

  3. Next to full feature driver, click Download, under the option of Driver Product Installation Software. After that, follow the next on-screen step by step process which will take you to HP Download and Install Assistant or Download only to save your file. Then ask your PC to run the driver file.

  4. Installer will ask you to choose the connection type, select USB to finish the Setup.

  5. Now depending on the functionality of your printer, you can easily print, fax or scan.

If you are still facing any kind of problem with your printer, whether it is related to USB printer setup or right driver selection & download, you can simply go for the online help from HP Customer Support by calling Tollfree HP Support Number 1(844) 865-7001 (US/Canada) or 0(800) 368-6150 (UK)

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